Monday, October 1, 2012

well, here it is October already. It's cold and rainy today, we had a fire in the wood burning stove most of the morning. Brother Phil called, I always love hearing from him, he seemed in a good mood today and that is wonderful. Tatted 4 snowflakes and a set of earrings. Put the earrings up for sale. I now have 10 different snowflakes up for sale. I really need to get pictures of the hats and scarves that I have made on the Knifty Knitter and put them up for sale but just didn't get to it. They are outside in my room. I have a room. We bought a storage shed and my dh put in insulations and paneling, even put electricity out there with a space heater. I keep a lot of my craft supplies out there and my quilt. One of these days that quilt will be finished and on the bed. I have been working on it for years now. Love the pattern it is stars and octogons all had sown cause that is how I like to quilt. I don't drive a sowing machine very well. The thing is I made two quilt tops, twin size and I am still quilting the first one...... I love quilting, it sooths my mind. I guess I have rambled on long enough, gona go play some cards, good night.

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