Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Still raining. DH chopped down a tree, well really half of the tree you see the trunk split about 4 feet up and he cut down one side last week. He cut it up for fire wood and I helped (so proud) the very small branches we raked onto a part of the drive where grass is growing. Isn't it amazing how easily grass will grow where you don't want it???? But we thought if we burned some of the debree from the tree it would kill the roots for a while anyway and Winter is just around the corner so it would keep things under control for months and months. The only problem is that is has not stopped raining so no fire!!! Now that part of the drive is blocked, ding dong. That is what we get for trying to be smarter than we are I guess. Enjoy the rain it will be snow in a few months you know. But then I do love the snow. As a matter of fact I believe I will spend the day making my own snowflakes, great idea don't you think?

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