Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I love making these little bookmarks. I don't have a pattern that I followed but that does not mean that others have not written out this simple pattern. So, here it is. I start by winding about 80 wraps on my bobbin with size 50 thread and then make a ring: 2(-2)6x's, then when I make the 2nd ring I hide the end from the first ring. Ring 2 has 7 picots as do all the rest of the rings you are going to make. next I take the thread I am going to use for the vine and place it between ring 1 and 2 and hide the ends of this as I start the vine: ch 2 + to last picot of ring 2, 5-5-2. Ring 3= 2+(to chain)2 (-2)6 x's. Do the shoe string know to change position of thread and make ring 4= 2-2-2+(to 3rd picot of ring 3)2-2-2-2-2. Make the last picot of ring 4 small, you are going to join the next chain to it. Make as many repeats of ring 3 and 4 as you like. I usually do 4 1/2 plus the last ring. Hope this makes sense to you, if you have any questions just let me know. Or if you see any mistakes let me know. Enjoy


  1. Thank you for sharing your pattern. The bookmarks are lovely.