Thursday, August 9, 2012

I have an etsy goal. I want to have 100 different items up for sale by the end of Sept. I hope to put one item a day up and this it item # 53.
of course as things sell I have plenty to replace them and I hope that is what I will be doing by Oct., replacing things that have sold. Nothing is selling now but I tell myself that is because everybody is having fun on vacation and it's way to early to start thinking about getting gifts for others. But even summer must come to an end. I also tell myself people are looking and will remember where they saw just the right gift. Well, since God is in total control of how my business does I really don't have to worry about the results and that allows we the fun of making whatever I want and posting them up for sale. This is not a business but an adventure and I love it. God has blessed me and I know I can have complete confidence in Him, oh what joy!

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