Tuesday, July 3, 2012

well, we are off to Virginia tomorrow morning for husbands family reunion. I am taking my lap top, sure hope it works ok. I had to pack all the stuff I have up for sale on etsy, over 50 items, at least most of them are small. I am excited, hoping to see a sister-in-law we have not seen in over 15 years and I will get to meet a niece I have never ment-----if she shows up that is, we can only hope. Two of my grandchildren are going with us from NC and my KS daughter with her family will be there. One sister from TX, two from NJ and a brother from NJ, a brother from IN (I think) and two live in VA so the only one missing will be the sister from IN. It should be very interesting. I am excited for 5 of my grandchildren to get to know their Papa's family. Isn't it sad how spread out today's families are. I sure am glad that where we are going has electricity! More later, Donata

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