Saturday, July 7, 2012

Home from VA, had a great time. Some of the people we hoped would be there could not make it but 8 out of 10 isn't bad. Five of my six grandchildren were there and got to meet great aunts and uncles they had never met before. Didn't get very much tatting done, what I did do was work on designing some new snowflakes. I made two and they are funky because I was playing with what I wanted to do with the pattern and kept changing my mind. Instead of doing the complete snowflake one way I changed almost each of the six arms on the first one and the second I did the first and fourth the same way and the second, third, fifth, and sixth another way. I am thinking of putting them up on etsy along with some other stuff as a grab bag item. Will think about that some more and try to get them up on Monday. The one really bad thing about the trip was staying at a motel and not having anything good to watch on TV, I missed tevo and my NCIS. so I am going to go get my NCIS fix right not. bye.

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