Thursday, June 14, 2012

I am a happy camper this evening. What with selling things on etsy I room, kind of office was getting very messy and so I mentioned to my husband that a bookshelf sure would help. he said he was unhappy with his computer set up and was thinking about asking our son if he could use the one we were storing in the shed. Son said yes so we moved stuff today. Had to go off line for a few hours but honey gets us back up and running, he is so wonderful. I now have a bookself, he has more room to work and we are both very happy. so far today i have tatted 2 flower bookmarks (small ones) an angel and I am on my second snowflake. I am working on a new pattern for the snowflake and not sure how much I like the first one. I have not scanned it yet but will later and let you see the difference between one and two. I was thinking about etsy and if anyone is reading this here is something to think about. On etsy you can choose things as favorites so it occured to me that if you have to get a gift for someone why not check to see if they use etsy and if they have anything they say is a favorite. Just a thought! OK, I need to tat some more, bye for now friends.

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