Thursday, June 28, 2012

What a week. The computer just died. Well, the screen displayed thousands of colorful squares and then the screen went blue with white 0's and computer stuff and I couldn't even get to the screen to turn it off so I just shut it down. We could not get it to come back up so we went and bought a new one which the clerk told my husband he could put the hard drive from the old one into the new one. He lied. well, not really but there is no place to put another hard drive. and we couldn't get the internet to come up on the new one. So dh switched his for mine. Now he has the new one and I have his old one but I was back on the internet but hate his old computer. Then we took my old one to Staples for them to replace the video chip or something and they had it for a day and a half only to call and say that isn't the problem so we went and picked up the old one. Went to Wal-Mart and bought another one. And couldn't get the internet to work on it either. After many hours of work my wonderful amazing DH swithed out plugs and stuff only he can understand and here I am back on the internet. I have new computer #1 and he has new computer #2 and I am going to be in credit card debt until I die! So, how has your life been going? Oh, until we can take my old computer to the shop in town and get the info off hard drive I have no pictures and lots of other stuff I need but I can live with that now that I am back. I will just consider it a fresh start.

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