Saturday, June 9, 2012

So, here is a picture of my day, the cross one, two and angel I finished before leaving for Hickory to tat with Stephanie and I started the third cross. Finished the third and started the fourth in the car, finished the fourth and started the fifth at the library in Hickory. Finished the fifth just as we got home, had a big bowl of ice cream and took a nap for an hour, got up and did cross six. Oh yeah, I forgot to include the very small butterfly I made using only chains. I had to make that because I was thinking about teaching tatting and I always start by teaching rings but the chains are easier to learn the flip but I just couldn't bring myself to teach something without a purpose hence the butterfly. It's still early, not quite 8 PM here, perhaps I'll go make a pendant.


  1. so where is that angel from. its very cute!

  2. just a little something I made up. It is actually a smaller version of one I call my angle in an hour because it take me an hour to make it.