Monday, June 4, 2012

Just Tired tonight

I am so tired, up at 6 with the dog, had to tat a doily I really wasn't interested in tatting but I needed to figure out how long it took me to tat it so I could figure out a price for it. Then had to go to town to mail some stuff sold on etsy and that took over an hour. More tatting things others have thought of for me to tat. A friend gave me some beautiful stone and said, "I know you can figure out how to tat around them and make a pendant." So I worked on that quite a while. Also a customer wants a triangle! So tomorrow I will try to figure something out for that but right now I'm tired so it's off to bed. Tomorrow is another day. But I do wish i new more about navigating this blog. What happened to the other blogs I was wanting to follow???? I can't remember where they are......
Advice: don't get old, it's for the birds if you ask me.
Sorry, I am tired.

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